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ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit 2013

Last year, ETNO’s first Regulatory Summit in 2012 had attracted about 150 high level delegates including ETNO members, policy makers, telecom operators and service providers.

This year’s Summit, to be held on 25 April 2013 at the Brussels Louise Sofitel, will address the most pressing issues in European telecom regulation, and in particular the revision of the relevant markets recommendation. It will be the occasion of a debate with all stakeholders on how the regulatory approach should accommodate the main changes in markets and technologies.

How should the EU regulatory approach evolve to accommodate the rapid changes in technology and markets, such as the increased competition from alternative platforms and the emergence of new services, such as online applications which consumers are using to keep in touch? How can regulation reduce the investment risks while guaranteeing competition and choice, in line with the recent announcement by Vice President Kroes on the new environment for broadband regulation.

These questions and many others will be addressed during the two main panels of the Summit devoted respectively to the review of the relevant markets recommendation and the future of regulation. Panelists will include representatives from the telecoms industry, the European Commission, BEREC, the investors community, and the academic world.