Education - OTE

OTE, started in the end of 2010, and continues on in 2011, a campaign to inform the public, as well as its’ employees, on the correct use of the internet:

  • published a leaflet, giving useful advice on internet use, distributed to all the OTESHOP stores. The leaflet is addressed to all customers (parents, teachers, teenagers, etc) and it’s being given with every purchase from the stores
  • conducted a series of events in order to inform the public and our employees, on the importance of the responsible and correct use of the internet. The events were held in cooperation with:

- OTE’s Telecommunications Museum, with the participation of schools, and individual parents and their children
- OTE’s Cultural Clubs, throughout Greece, in which everyone from the local community was welcome to join.

All of the events were conducted in cooperation with the Adolescent Health Unit (A.H.U.) of the 2nd Paediatric Clinic of the University of Athens, who is a partner of OTE until 2012.

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