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Cytanet undertakes a number of activities relating to internet safety:

  • “The Internet: A Tool for All” provides to students and teachers information about the internet, its dangers and ways to get protected.
  • “The Internet and our children – Safe and responsible use" the main target audience is parents and other bodies dealing with issues concerning children’s education and welfare.

Other activities

In the broader context of its efforts to keep people informed, Cytanet also holds presentations on safe Internet use for other organised groups, municipalities, etc. It also takes part in media discussions on Internet safety issues and participates in other related projects and programmes.

Cytanet holds seminars for students, teachers and the media and participates in seminars organised by the Police, the State, the Church and other bodies.

Efforts to keep the public informed are completed with the dissemination of printed information and advice and the publication of articles in the local press.

The European “Safer Internet CY” Programme

Since 2007, Cyta has participated in the EU-funded ‘Safer Internet Plus’ programme, collaborating with the programme coordinator – the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI) – and other bodies to create the CyberEthics node in Cyprus. The objectives of the programme are to operate a Hotline, via which members of the public may report illegal Internet content, and to raise public awareness of issues pertaining to safe Internet use. For more information visit

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