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Telecom Italia Group’s companies have undertaken numerous initiatives in order to protect minors from content that may harm their psychological and physical development (for example, content that is violent, racist, offensive to religious sentiment, pornography etc.).

  • Guidelines have been issued for the classification and checking of content
  • The Group’s television services do not transmit content that would require filtering systems.

Telecom Italia Group has adopted an organisation model in which instruments have been defined to safeguard against, and anticipate, the commission of crimes, in particular the dissemination of child pornography, as well as the organisational/disciplinary management of illegal digital information.

Information initiatives have been implemented, aimed at minors, parents and teachers, on the risks connected to the new technologies and navigation on the internet (chat lines, instant messaging, forums, communities etc.). These initiatives have required the involvement of certain important stakeholders, including various public and private organizations, selected, above all, on the basis of the activities and commitment to safeguarding the rights of children (including, for example, the Postal and Communication Police,, Save the Children, Adiconsum, GSMA, ITU etc.).

The commitment of Telecom Italia, alongside the aforementioned institutions, international bodies and associations, is evident in its participation in specific work groups that have led to the implementation of targeted services for users (minors, parents, teachers etc.), such as:

  • the “abuse” topic area on the company intranet,
  • the “Protection of Minors” topic area on the portals and, dedicated to the protection of minors,
  • the notification form for customers/internet users. This form, available on the Group’s institutional and commercial portals, can be used by Telecom Italia’s end customers, or by outsider users, to give notification of any crimes involving child pornography that are encountered during navigation on the internet.
  • the booklet “Born with the Network,” distributed through company shops, dedicated to the adult-parent public
  • web filtering: in line filtering tools which providers of internet network connections must use to prevent access to sites identified by the Postal Police through the CNCPO;
  • Alice Total Security - Magic Desktop: to allow minors to explore the web safely,
    the drawing up of “Guidelines for combating child pornography on line” which facilitate the objective and uniform identification of cases of child pornography to be notified to the Postal Police.
  • the management of the abuse desk: operational groups who handle abuse differentiated by type of service (residential and business), formed in accordance with the national and community regulations on the protection of minors, the prevention of criminality and the fight against sexual exploitation (juvenile pornography).
  • articipation in the work group “ITU Child Online Protection: Guidelines for industry,” which is coordinated by ITU (International Telecommunication Union).
  • participation in the Work Group “GSMA - Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content,” within the ambit of the GSM Association, for all technological and communications initiatives aimed at the protection of minors in the sector of mobile phones. In particular, the website has been created, aimed at educating children and young people in the safe use of the internet.
  • participation in the European project under the Safer Internet Work Programme, 2009; Telecom Italia has collaborated in the project promoted by Save the Children and Adiconsum, in response to the EU initiative “Safer Internet 2009 – 2013,” taking part in the permanent Round Table as part of the Italian group, Safer Internet.
  • co-operation with Telefono Azzurro: Telecom Italia made available its own infrastructures and services for the Toll Free Number “114” Infancy Emergency (since 2003) and the European Toll Free Number “116000” for missing children (since May, 2009).
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