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Part of Telefónica’s strategy to promote digital confidence is to leverage the better use of its services through the design of specific products and services that promote the positive use of ICT by both children and teenagers and tools that prevent any misuse or the access to inappropriate or damaging content.

Digital Family Platform

Telefónica’s Digital Family platform, developed together with the Interactive Generations Forum, aspires to be a reference website for Spanish-speaking parents. The objective is to boost digital education by helping parents find answers to their doubts regarding ICT.

The interactive portal offers high quality content including a relevant news section updated periodically and other information of interest. It was developed in collaboration with prestigious organisations such asEuropean Schoolnet, the University of Navarre, Insafe, EU Kids Online, Childnet International, Protégeles andFriendlyScreens. The website is already available in Spain for the Movistar brand and will soon be made available in other countries in Latin America.

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One of Telefónica’s priorities is to collaborate with hotlines to facilitate their use as channels for reporting potentially illegal content. All operators in countries where Telefónica operates can insert a common icon on their commercial websites linked to the national hotline, or in the event that the country does not have one, the hotline of their choice member of Inhope.

For example, in Spain, Telefónica, together with other operators and the national hotline Protégeles, has developed an app available for smart phones and tablets to facilitate reporting and seeking help when using internet through these devices.

In Colombia, Telefónica contributed to establishing the first hotline member of Inhope in Latin America, called Te Protejo. This hotline also has an App that can be downloaded from the principal app stores.

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Telefónica participates in numerous initiatives of the sector so as to multiply the efforts to achieve a common goal: to offer the best possible environment for children on the Internet.

Alliance of Mobile Operators

Telefónica has been a founding member of the Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content since 2008 and will take a more proactive role in finding and removing images of child abuse from the Internet, following the guidelines and lists provided by the Internet Watch Foundation.

Coalition of CEOs for a better Internet for Kids (CEO Coalition)

Telefónica is a member of the CEO Coalition for a better Internet for Kids and submitted its implementation report on the different initiatives developed in the framework of this coalition in January 2014.

This cross-industry collaboration has facilitated the joint search for solutions applicable across the value chain. It has helped deepen the relationship between the industry and the organisations that defend the needs of children in the digital world, develop the co-operation with Law Enforcement Agencies and similar bodies and bolster projects and good practices already under way. The CEO Coaltion has also increased innovation in products and services for building a safer environment for Internet use from all available platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and on all forms of Internet access (fixed, mobile, wifi, etc).

ICT Coalition

In January 2012, 30 companies from the Information and Communications Technologies sector announced the launch of the ICT Coalition, which brings the industry together around child online safety.

In 2013, each company submitted implementation reports on their individual commitments covering the key areas of the ICT Principles. In 2014, the achievements of the companies were reviewed by an independent assessor, who issued a report that is available at the ICT Coalition website. This report is the first such assessment, carried out by Dr Brian O’Neill, two years after the formal launch of the ICT Coalition - a timely moment to review the achievements of ICT Coalition members, assess the state of play in the area of online safety policy and consider what the key areas for further consideration and action should be in the next few years.

The ICT Principles are supported by companies from throughout the ICT sector: from network operators to device manufacturers, together with content providers and search engines, etc. The Principles cover key issues and hot topics such as content, parental controls, dealing with abuse/misuse, child sexual content, privacy & control and education & awareness.

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