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Parental control software allows to block access to undesirable sites (porn, gambling, etc.) but also to chat sites, forums and video, ... This software is usually linked to security software which detects and neutralizes viruses, blocks undesirable spyware or protects against phishing and identity theft. Belgacom offers a solution at an advantageous price.

Blocking SMS messages (with adult content)

Thanks to SMS blocking, parents can block SMS and MMS messages, calls and Mobile TV containing adult content.

Mobile surfing

You no longer need a smartphone to surf easily with a mobile phone, and more and more teenagers are choosing this solution to surf the Net. There is currently no parental control available on mobile phones, however, which is why it is crucial to educate your children on using the Internet responsibly.

Reporting an offense

Whether you access the Internet via your PC or mobile phone, the rules are the same. Have you (or your child) landed on a disturbing site with misleading information? Have you received any unwanted advertisement or fraudulent propositions by e-mail? Have you seen child pornography on a site? "eCops" is an online contact point which allows you, as an Internet user, to report offences committed on or via the Internet. You no longer have to worry about who to turn to, your request will be dealt with by the right service:

Electromagnetic fields and health

Children can limit their exposure to electromagnetic fields by:

  • using an headset (available with each phone of the Proximus Collection)
  • reducing the call duration
  • using their phone in good radio conditions
  • choosing a phone with a lower SAR (specific absorption rate). The SAR value is available on the packaging, in the shops en on our website.
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