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As Trust is one of our core values, KPN wants to provide Internet services that can be trusted. KPN acknowledges the urgency to make Internet a safer place for children in our society. We want to protect the safety of children and at the same time stimulate the positive use of the Internet. In our products and services we focus on three main fields of interest:

  • Awareness and Education
  • Prevention of abuse and misuse
  • Privacy and (Parental) Control

In December 2010, KPN received an internet award for the best Dutch initiative in the category “internet safety”.

KPN offers a free downloadable browser for Children, called MyBee, a children friendly browser for children between 2 – 10 years old, launched by The Dutch foundation My Child Online (stichting Mijn Kind Online). MyBee is based on white listing. My Child Online was founded by telecom-company KPN and the online community for parents, Parents Online ( Their mission is to improve the quality of online media for children. MyBee is a browser (the ‘Bee’ stands for ‘Browser’) intended to allow children up to the age of about 10 to surf the web safely and easily. After reaching this age they should learn how to use a normal browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), Safari or Firefox. The basic principle of MyBee is that children can only visit websites suitable for their age. Mybee is available on PC, MAC, Ipad and Iphone. Next steps (like Android) will soon be decided on.

Safety for children is also part of KPN services. For example:

- Internet based interactive TV: Interactive choice by the customer to block (only available with use of a pin-code) access to selected channels.

- Internet based interactive TV: Interactive choice by the customer to hide certain selected channels (not general available when switching channels)

- Internet access (Fixed): KPN offers the ‘PC-veilig’ product The ‘PC-veilig’ product is (depending on contract conditions) provided as included or as an additional feature

- KPN products are based on f-secure products, f-secure parental control instruction:

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