05 May, 2021

ETNO POSITION PAPER on the EC proposal on the review of roaming regulation

The main objective pursued by the EC when reviewing current Roaming regulation is to assess whether the retail roaming market within the EU (RLAH) is working properly and whether since 2014 the market has experienced any material changes that are not properly reflected or tackled through current framework and accordingly the need for an update of such framework.

According to diverse reports from the EC and BEREC, it seems that the RLAH regulation in force is working well. The EC proposal  is based on a cost modelling not taking into account the ongoing 5G transformation, the traffic patterns and investment needs. Moreover, the  ‘quality of service (QoS)’ obligations beyond existing transparency rules are not fit for purpose. In addition, the impact of the COVID crisis is not adequately considered across a number of dimensions, such as the impact on supply chains or deployment planning, volumes, …

Read the full document at the link below.


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