18 January, 2019

ETNO response to the BEREC public consultation on the BEREC Public Consultation on Internet of Things Indicators

General issues

1.1. Do you consider that the European Commission’s definition of the IoT is sufficiently appropriate to collect relevant statistical information on the IoT? If not, how should the definition be changed?

  • The European Commission defined the IoT as enabling “objects sharing information with other objects/members in the network, recognizing events and changes so to react autonomously in an appropriate manner. The IoT therefore builds on communication between things (machines, buildings, cars, animals, etc.) that leads to action and value creation.”
  • ETNO believes that the concept of IoT should also include the components at application level. The IoT builds not only on communication, but also on intelligent objects and IoT application platforms. Additionally, IoT services require humans to interact with objects and application platforms, so the IoT also entails communication between things and persons.
  • Nonetheless, we call on BEREC to refrain from developing a new policy definition of IoT that would add on the existing definitions from the Commission and other policymakers. This would create more confusion with no clear value-add.
  • Efforts should rather focus on striving for a similar approach to the one taken by the European Commission, in order to facilitate data gathering (if necessary), consistency, and common interpretation of indicators.

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