15 June, 2021

BCRD: ETNO Discussion Paper 2021

The Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (2014/61/EU) is one of the key regulatory initiatives at EU level aiming to facilitate and incentivise the roll-out of high-speed electronic communications networks.

Since its adoption in 2014, the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (hereinafter BCRD) has considerably contributed to improving conditions for roll-out of electronic communications networks. The continuous monitoring of the implementation of BCRD, as well as the technological, market and regulatory developments in recent years make the evaluation and possible revision of BCRD both desirable and necessary.

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The European Commission has initiated the revision process in 2020, as part of the actions announced in its Communication on ‘Shaping Europe’s Digital Future’ (COM (2020)67 final). This effort will continue throughout 2021 through the evaluation of the current measures and an impact assessment of a potentially revised policy.

ETNO is committed to actively contributing to the public discussion around the revision of BCRD; an ambitious and well-functioning policy instrument is essential to the achievement of the 2025 Gigabit Society targets and 2030 Digital Compass ambitions. This paper aims to discuss and bring additional arguments for an ambitious and pro-investment revised BCRD.  

The paper explores the different elements of the current BCRD on access to existing physical infrastructure, coordination of civil works, permit granting and requirements for in- building physical infrastructure. The objective is twofold: (i) identify key hurdles in the implementation of the current Directive requirements; and (ii) explore ways by which these difficulties can be overcome in a potentially revised instrument. A set of recommendations and scenarios are put forward aimed at improving and furthering the scope of the current Directive.

The full document is available at the link below:

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