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25 February 2021 - Edition no.230
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New 5G goals to feature in upcoming EU ‘Digital Decade’ targets

Euractiv - 24 February 2021

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European strategy for data: what MEPs want

European Parliament - 24 february 2021

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EU to set up new European Partnerships and invest nearly €10 billion for the green and digital transition

european commission - 23 February 2021

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Europe puts forward proposal for Joint Undertaking on Smart Networks and Services towards 6G

European Commission - 23 February 2021

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Australia’s stand-off with Big Tech is only the beginning of a wider war

Politico - 23 february 2021

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Boosting Investments in European digital ventures to unleash the full potential of 5G

European Commission - 23 February 2021

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Europe looks to go it alone on microchips amid US-China clash

Politico - 19 February 2021

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Focus on

Privacy: emerging from the Pandemic 

In a year when COVID-19 has stress-tested privacy protections and where mutual recognition of global data protection regimes has been called into doubt, our rights and regulations have ultimately remained resilient. The question is whether and how we rebuild on those foundations.

“A man’s house is his castle and each man’s home is his safest refuge”. In 1628, the lawyer and parliamentarian Sir Edward Coke set out one of the first codifications of privacy and security in UK common law, asserting the inviolability of one’s private living space. In 2020, COVID-19 pushed our public sphere into our private one by turning our homes into offices and schools overnight. It was the first of many privacy conundrums.

How were we to make sure employees and their data were properly protected, and their environment secured, in the explosion of use of new remote work technologies? When tracking the path of the virus was imperative, and the rush was on to develop contact-tracing apps, how would the balance be found between freedom and unjustified surveillance?


AI: A threat or a Panacea?

Advances in AI are shifting the way we think about preventative care. Dr. Anna Goldenberg discusses how we can redesign our tried-and-true procedures and outdated policies to make better data driven decisions for disease prevention, prediction and treatment. Dr. Anna Goldenberg a Senior Scientist at SickKids Research Institute, and works in the department of computer science, Vector Institute as well as ta Fellow at CIFAR and holds a Canada Research Chair in Computational Medicine. The Goldenberg lab focuses on developing machine learning methods to understand the complexities of disease as well as developing risk prediction and early warning clinical systems.

Check out the video to learn more.


10 Technologies that could change the world


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Skills-adjusted human capital shows rising global gap


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Facts & Figures

The Best & worst places for internet quality  

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#Upskilling4All - the first roundtable on #GenderBalance kicked off! Today is about closely looking at the first best practices identified in the past months. ETNO, @UNI_Europa & @Mercer , with the support of @EU_Commission look forward to continuing the project! #Diversity
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Today we propose 10 new #EUPartnerships between the EU, Member States and industry! With nearly €10 billion from The EU, they will: Better tackle health emergencies Support green and digital transitions Boost collaboration academia, research, industry
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What happens to #privacy protections in a pandemic? When any serious threat to our safety and well-being arises, many would think privacy protections would take a back seat. @CiscoPubPolicy ’s @RobertWaitman wrote a blogpost on this topic:
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#Connectivity has never been as important today & will be so after the pandemic. @BERECeuropaeu Chair presents the '21-'25 priorities to strengthen EU #digital infrastructure: Promote full connectivity, Support sustainable & open digital markets, and Empower end users #EU5GConf
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Study shows that Europe needs to significantly increase investment in #5G innovations to maintain a strong position in the global #technology race
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Creating #5G-enabled services and products implies cross-sector collaboration. The #innovative potential of 5G powers a breadth of new collaboration models across a multitude of industries, Maarit highlighted at the #EU5GConf
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Solar power for mobile network

Telekom - 23 February 2021

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Android's latest update will let you schedule texts, secure your passwords and more

TechCrunch - 23 February 2021

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Microchip Technology to open new development centre in Cork

TElecompaper - 23 February 2021

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COVID-19 will pass, but will our dependence on Big Tech?

THe london school of economics - 22 february 2021

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Spotify to launch in 85 new markets, reach more than a billion listeners

Reuters - 22 February 2021

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European Commission,
23-26 February 2021, Virtual Event

EU Industry Days 2021

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FT Live,
3 March 2021, Virtual Event

WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY: Diversifying tech talent through education

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European Economic and Social Committee,
3 March 2021, Virtual event

The Future of work in the wellbeing economy

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Forum Europe,
4 March 2021, Virtual Event

The 2nd digital services act conference:The new rulebook for the digital economy

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Centre on Regulation in Europe,
4 March 2021, Virtual Event

Digital Markets Act: Institutional design and enforcement methods

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10 March 2021, Virtual Event


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