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4 March 2021 - Edition no.231
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5G: A critical technology for our Green future

Euractiv - 2 March 2021

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EU must overhaul flagship data protection laws, says a ‘father’ of policy

The Financial times - 2 march 2021

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EU recovery funds for telcom networks must help competition - Vestager

Reuters - 2 March 2021

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China wants to dominate AI. The US and Europe need each other to tame it.

Politico - 2 March 2021

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4 takeaways from Facebook’s Australian brawl

Politico - 2 March 2021

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Focus on

Supply chain accountability: a priority for Europe’s cybersecurity policy

It is not an understatement to say that the SolarWinds hack is, in Microsoft President Brad Smith’s words, “the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen”. At least 18.000 customers of software company SolarWinds were affected by a backdoor that allowed state-sponsored hackers to compromise U.S. government agencies, leading technology firms, and other notable targets worldwide. The full extent of the hacking campaign is still being investigated, and its consequences are still unravelling.

What is clear though is that the SolarWinds cyber-attack has been first and foremost a supply chain security failure. Hackers injected malware into updates of SolarWinds’ Orion IT monitoring and management tool, which is used by over 30.000 clients from the public and private sectors around the world. The supply chain backdoor remained undetected for several months, until the breach was finally revealed by Microsoft and security firm FireEye in December 2020. However, the cyberattack is still ongoing as hackers continue exploiting vulnerabilities in the Orion technology.


What are the specific needs and benefits of providing the right upskilling support to older workers?

Telecommunications is a sector in which new digital tools are regularly being introduced. As such, digital upskilling is key. Together with UNI Europa, ETNO has launched a project aimed at expanding best practice in digital upskilling.

Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europa, gives an overview of why this work is so important. Highlighting the joint role of trade unions and employers, he outlines how they are best placed to elaborate training that best responds to the skills gaps and needs of those delivering the work. Mr Roethig also outlines the specific needs and benefits of providing the right upskilling support to older workers.

Learn more about the project here.




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Accelerating the 5G transition in Europe: How to boost investments in transformative 5G solutions


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Facts & Figures

Global 5G Adoption to Triple in 2021  

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“Research shows that by 2025, half of the workforce will require reskilling. We need to make sure that workers and industries can keep up with this”, @ORoethig said. Here is the interview: #Upskilling4All @UNI_Europa @mercer
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The Expert Group for the Observatory on the Online #Platform Economy released its final report. 5 papers with a prompt analysis on different aspects of platform power which become in these years increasingly relevant for the policy debate in #EU & beyond
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Gender diversity has room for improvement in the #digital sector. We are now looking at the #telco workforce to see what are the best practices that can serve as examples for improving gender, as part of the #Upskilling4All project w/ @UNI_Europa @ Mercer:
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#CallForTender for the project focused on the role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work. Deadline: April 2nd. More info:
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Do you know what is super about #supercomputers? Their power to crunch #BigData can help us find new treatments for #Covid19 & solutions to many other global challenges like #ClimateChange. Read more about the #EU funded project #Exscalate4Cov
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"EU policymakers can boost European #innovation: Empower telcos through industrial strategy Don’t forget #infrastructure deployment. Telco investments are up but we are still behind Services & data: telcos need the same opportunities as #BigTech" @LiseFuhr #EUIndustryDays
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GAIA-X AISBL announces new Chief Executive Officer and new Chief Technical Officer

GAIA-X - 3 march 2021

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Telia Norway tests 5G carrier aggregation with Ericsson

TElecompaper - 3 march 2021

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Microsoft launches Operator Connect to integrate telephony services in Teams

Telecompaper - 3 March 2021

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Nokia adds new 5G courses on industrial networks, edge computing

telecompaper - 3 march 2021

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Automated racism: How tech can entrench bias

politico - 2 March 2021

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New AI ‘Deep Nostalgia’ brings old photos, including very old ones, to life

The Verge - 28 February 2021

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Portuguese Presidency,
9 March 2021, Virtual Event

High-Level Conference on the future of work - "Remote work: challenges, risks and opportunities"

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10 March 2021, Virtual Event


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PubAffairs Bruxelles,
16 March 2021, Virtual event

5G for Businesses: Evolution or Revolution?

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Centre on Regulation in Europe,
18 March 2021, Virtual Event

Liability rules for the age of Artificial Intelligence

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Portuguese Presidency,
19 March 2021, Virtual Event

Digital Day 2021

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