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21 April 2021 - Edition no.238
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In the midst of Europe's 5G rollout, world powers set their sights on 6G

Euronews - 20 APRIL 2021

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US Senator Mark Warner calls for urgent transatlantic cooperation on cybersecurity

Politico - 19 APRIL 2021

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Europe throws down gauntlet on AI with new rulebook


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AI rules must help increase public trust

Euractiv - 21 APRIL 2021

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Commission to propose a European Media Freedom Act, Breton says

Euractiv - 20 APRIL 2021

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UK, German and Australian regulators unify against Big Tech

Financial Times - 20 APRIL 2021

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German Greens pick Annalena Baerbock to run for chancellor

Politico - 19 April 2021

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Focus on

Rewriting the Transatlanatic Tech Playbook:
US Senator Mark Warner calls for urgent transatlantic cooperation on cybersecurity 

U.S. Senator Mark Warner said Monday there could be disastrous consequences if the European Union and the United States don't work together to develop common cybersecurity standards in the wake of the massive cyberattack that targeted software firm SolarWinds.

“I increasingly believe that our failure to have any kinds of joint cybersecurity policies or even joint cybersecurity norms could be something that could really be potentially devastating,” said the Democratic senator, who chairs the Select Committee on Intelligence, at POLITICO's Rewriting the Transatlantic Tech Playbook event, presented by ETNO on Monday.

Executive Vice President Margrethe pointed that cybersecurity would have to be integrated into all of the transatlantic talks about tech. Moreover, Vestager added that cybersecurity will have to be at the center of everything we discuss and must be integrated in everything we do, including the equipment with digital skills across the Continent.



A European approach to Artificial intelligence

The European Commission’s approach on Artificial Intelligence is one of excellence and trust. It deals with technological, ethical, legal and socio-economic aspects to boost EU's research and industrial capacity and to put AI and robots at the service of European citizens and the economy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development. It can bring solutions to many societal challenges from treating diseases to minimising the environmental impact of farming. However, socio-economic, legal and ethical impacts have to be carefully addressed.It is essential to join forces in the European Union to stay at the forefront of this technology. If developed and used within an ecosystem of excellence and trust, European AI can be globally competitive while at the same time ensuring the respect of European values.

Members Spotlight
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5G immersive classroom in the uk

The first “Members Spotlight” edition of this year goes to the UK to show you how students enjoy an immersive learning experience. 
Using innovative technology enabled by 5G, a regular room was transformed into an engaging and digital learning environment. As a result, students tool a digital dive underwater to learn about the ecosystems of oceans, being able to get a close-up with animals “as if they were seeing them in real life”. Moreover, the concept aims to push beyond traditional methods of teaching to create an inclusive digital experience that helps explain abstract and challenging concepts through a 3D model. It will also have the potential to support students with learning difficulties in developing imagination, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
We are excited to invite you to read more about this special initiative at the link below!


ESG Report: Our 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report


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Does robotization affect job quality? Evidence from European regional labour markets


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Facts & Figures

Connectivity needs are rising in the new reality

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ETNO welcomes the @EU_Commission ’s proposal for a European approach for #AI, putting #trust at the heart of its risk-based approach. However, trustworthiness must go hand in hand with investments into AI #innovation and capacity building in Europe. Full quote by @LiseFuhr
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We want to use more #TrustworthyAI! For health, fighting climate change, convenience in everyday life -if we can trust #AI not to put our fundamental rights at risk. This is today’s proposal - and that we become excellent in developing #TrustworthyAI
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@ETNOAssociation & @GSMAEurope contributed to the ongoing work at the #G20 and #OECD on the international tax framework for the digitalisation of the economy. Achieving multilateral consensus is the better way to deal with this challenge. Read more:
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#DigitalServicesAct & #DigitalMarketsAct: will the #EU regulation favour single-service companies? The answer is simple, and you can read it in the new blog post by @ThierryBreton Is all about freedom of choice & fair competition
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We believe the #EUTaxonomy will be a fundamental tool in accelerating the achievement of the #EUGreenDeal targets through a #SustainableFinance ecosystem. Full quote by our @Agropelli on why #connectivity matters for a successful climate change mitigation across industries 👇
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TikTok faces claim for billions in London child privacy lawsuit

Reuters - 21 APRIL 2021

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Amazon to let Whole Foods shoppers pay with a swipe of their palm

Reuters - 21 April 2021

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Music and tech team up to cut the milliseconds

Reuters - 21 April 2021

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Facebook takes on Clubhouse, unveils upcoming audio products

Reuters - 21 April 2021

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Deutsche Telekom invests in public blockchain network Celo

deutsche telekom - 20 APRIL 2021

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Verizon expands its environmental initiatives to reduce global climate impact

Verizon - 19 APRIL 2021

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Hyperbat accelerates industry 4.0 with world first 5G virtual 3D engineering model

BT - 13 APRIL 2021

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27 April 2021, Virtual event

What to make of the EU’s ‘third way’ artificial intelligence regulation

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The Economist,
27 April 2021, Virtual Event

Information security: developing a people-centric strategy

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28 April 2021, Virtual Event

EASA AI Trustworthiness Guidance: paving the way to safety-related AI certification

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28 April 2021, Virtual Event

BEREC Workshop on Market Entry in the context of the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

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European Policy Centre,
28 April 2021, Virtual Event

Towards inclusive sustainable & digital transition The role of the Recovery and Resilience Facility

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Center for Data Innovation,
5 May 2021, Virtual Event

What’s Next on the EU’s Proposed AI Law?

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ForumEurope and Microsoft,
5 may 2021, Virual Event

Critical Infrastructure & Resilience regulation

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