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10 June 2021 - Edition no.245
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US and Europe to forge tech alliance amid China’s rise

Politico - 9 June 2021

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Market power of Siri, Alexa, Google a concern, EU regulators say

Reuters - 9 june 2021

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Italy to set up cybersecurity agency ahead of national cloud plan - draft

Reuters - 9 JUNE 2021

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Big tech supports global tax, but wants digital services levies axed


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5 things that could stop a global tax deal

Politico - 8 June 2021

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Europe’s AI rules open door to mass use of facial recognition, critics warn

Politico - 7 June 2021

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Critics still unhappy as EU clarifies revamped copyright rules

reuters - 4 June 2021

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The EU has introduced a new ‘digital’ ID. Here’s what it means for you.

Politico - 3 June 2021

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Focus on

Telcos and GAIA-X: it’s a match

Lise Fuhr, ETNO Director General, joined the leadership panel at the GAIA-X Summit. Her speech was centered around 3 main messages:
  • A strong European cloud will be key to nurturing trust, making it a top industrial and political priority;
  • GAIA-X and other European cloud initiatives are essential on two fronts: innovation in technology and global leadership;
  • Telecom companies play and will play a top role in the European cloud ecosystem: 5G and fibre are the prerequisites. Moreover, proximity data centres and edge cloud are at the forefront of the future cloud applications.
This increasing importance of telecoms in the cloud world is well described by the engagement of our companies. During the event, a dedicated telecom panel included TIM, Ericsson, Orange and Proximus and discussed related use cases. The video recording will be included in next week’s ETNODigital issue.

message by President Von Der Leyen

What does the digital wallet mean for EU citizens and residents? What will happen to our data when using it? How is trust embedded at the core?

The new digital wallet will be available for everything we do online, while empowering us to stay in control of the data we generate. From paying taxes, to logging in on social media platforms, or renting a bicycle, it will be available both online and offline. Every EU citizen and resident in the Union will be able to use a personal digital wallet from late 2022, if EU member states will agree on it.


The Digital Markets Act: European Precautionary Antitrust


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Worldwide Technology Trends 2021


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Facts & Figures

Artificial intelligence in EU enterprises  

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Combining #EdgeCloud with #data and #5G rollout is a vehicle to leverage Europe’s competitiveness. By doing so, the #digital and green transitions can go ahead together, @erikekudden of @Ericsson highlighted at the #GAIAX Summit on use-cases
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In Europe, we want to remain open and allow data to flow, provided that the protection flows with it. The modernised Standard Contractual Clauses will help business to comply with data protection law, both for their EU & Global transfers.
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The new EU #Copyright rules start to apply Today marks the deadline for EU Member States to transpose the new #EU copyright rules into national law. It protects creativity in the #digital age bringing benefit to creators, businesses & consumers:
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#Upskilling4All consumed its 2nd milestone last week, here are the main findings: Support for later working life Institutional partners support for training solutions tailored to adult learners Reverse mentoring 5G professional transition Wellbeing @ center of longevity
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Google to build new undersea cable to connect Latin America and the U.S.

Reuters - 9 June 2021

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Amazon to invest $3 billion to open data centres in Spain in 2022

Reuters - 8 JUNE 2021

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Major outage strikes the internet

Politico - 8 June 2021

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Apple under pressure to close loopholes in new privacy rules

Financial Times - 7 June 2021

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Bosch opens German chip plant, its biggest-ever investment

Reuters - 7 June 2021

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FEPS Europe,
9 – 11 June 2021, Virtual Event

Progressive Governance Digital summit 2021

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Dublin Tech summit,
17 June 2021, Virtual Event

Dublin tech summit

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17 - 18 june 2021, Virtual Event

Annual Privacy Forum 2021

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European Commission,
21 June - 2 July 2021, Virtual Event

Digital For our planet

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22 June 2021, Virtual Event

Digital Policy Day

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Spectrum Management,
23 – 25 June 2021, Virtual Event

16th European Spectrum management Conference

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Capacity Europe,
22 – 24 June 2021, Virtual Event

Digital Infra Leaders Europe

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28 – 30 June 2021, Virtual Event

Into Europe's Digital Decade

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British Chamber of Commerce | EU and Belgium,
30 June 2021, Virtual Event

Business Implications of the Data Governance Act

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PubAffairs BRuxelles,
12 July 2021, Virtual Event

Smart and Sustainable: how can Digitial help the green transition?

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