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18 November 2021 - Edition no.264
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ETNO comments on the draft BEREC Report on the regulatory treatment for fixed and mobile backhaul

ETNO - 19 November 2021

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EU may clear semiconductor state aid but with safeguards

REUTERS - 18 November 2021

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DSA: EU ambassadors reach agreement to start interinstitutional negotiations

EURACTIV - 17 November 2021

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Data show mixed situations across EU states on digital transition

EURACTIV - 16 November 2021

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Europe’s fractured approach to digital regulation stymies fight against Big Tech

POLITICO - 16 November 2021

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Silicon Saxony to play key role in Europe’s bid for producing cutting-edge chips

EURACTIV - 15 November 2021

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EU Parliament, countries want more innovation, less burden in AI Act

EURACTIV - 15 November 2021

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Big Tech scrambles as Europe ramps up crusade against online advertising

POLITICO - 12 November 2021

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Commission to invest nearly €2 billion from the Digital Europe Programme to advance on the digital transition

European Commission - 10 November 2021

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Focus on
Tech & Politics Forum: last chance to attend in person
29 November, 9am – 6pm CET, hybrid
Solvay Library, Brussels and online

Less than 2 weeks to go to the Tech & Politics Forum 2021 by FT-ETNO! The applications to attend in person are almost complete, this is the final chance to apply to join us physically in Brussels. We’d love to host you online as well! Apply to attend in person (here) or online (here).  

Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and following the event we invite you to join us for an exclusive networking drinks reception, from 6pm.

Explore the panels prepared for this year’s edition: 

Discover the full line-up of speakers, agenda, and apply to attend here:
  • Opening Interview: A blueprint for transatlantic tech cooperation
  • Fireside chat: Europe’s vision for industrial leadership in technology
  • Keynote Panel: Placing digital trust at the heart of European values
  • Panel: Technology’s role in sustainability: fact or fiction?
  • Panel: Can digitisation save the economy?
  • Fireside Chat: Size matters: A fresh look at platforms
  • Keynote Panel: Europe’s digital infrastructure investment challenge
Discover the full line-up of speakers, agenda, and apply to attend below:

Tech and sustainability meet the fashion industry

 Our Director General Lise Fuhr is mentoring a start-up of young women entrepreneurs that have a clear mission: tackle sustainability in the fashion industry with the help of technology. With only 30% of the total wardrobe used, Capsule saw an opportunity to challenge this.

 Discover their inspiring story to learn more!

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2021


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Economic and Business Dimensions: ‘In Situ’ Data Rights


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The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)


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Facts & Figures




#Sustainability solutions can be accelerated by #digitalization, but the #ICT sector can do more to reduce its own footprint. Join our discussion at the “Tech & Politics Forum” by #FTETNO on 29/11:
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Saxony will become one of Europe’s main and most advanced industrial and technological #semiconductor centres. Our capacity to produce the most advanced chips will contribute to our industrial leadership and geopolitical weight. @SachsenDe @SimplySaxony @MPKretschmer
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#DYK that #5G will enable new and improved use cases that will account for about two-thirds of #telco revenues in 2025? From mobile #broadband, to fixed wireless and #IOT, learn more from the #ETNOBCG report in the latest #ETNODigital:
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@vonderleyen recently visited @ASMLcompany We need: More coordination between research activities in this sector Get better on chip design. Build up production capacity for chips "With the #EuropeanChipsAct, let's create a new European success story"
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Working on improving the functioning of digital markets to ensure contestable and fair markets in the digital economy is essential for the future of our continent. Read our input to the @BERECeuropaeu consultation to find out more:
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Qualcomm shares jump on new forecasts for growth beyond smartphones

Telecompaper - 17 November 2021

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What’s the score? Total Telecom’s quarterly financial Score Board

Totaltelecom - 16 November 2021

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Twitter expands free data access for app developers

Reuters - 15 November 2021

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How innovation is helping to maximize the value of 5G

Totaltelecom - 15 November 2021

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IBM says quantum chip could beat standard chips in two years

Reuters - 15 November 2021

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International Association of Privacy Professionals,
15-18 November 2021, Hybrid Event

IAPP Europe Data Protection Conference

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15-19 November 2021, Virtual Event

Digital Capitalism Congress

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When Technology is the Business

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European Commission,
23 – 25 November 2021, Hybrid Event

EU Open Data Days - Shaping our future with open data

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ETNO and the Financial TImes,
29 November 2021, hybrid Event

Is technology the answer to society's problems?

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1 – 2 December 2021, Virtual Event

Cybersecurity@CEPS Summit 2021

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Forum Europe ,
2 December 2021, Hybrid Event

11th Annual European Data protection and privacy conference

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European Commission,
3 December 2021, Virtual Event

Artificial intelligence and translation: towards new teaching objectives?

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Transatlantic Tech Partnerships: The Telecoms View

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Cloud Expo Europe,
8-9 December 2021, Virtual Event

A Telecom View on European Cloud leadership

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