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16 December 2021 - Edition no.268
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This Members Spotlight edition of #ETNODigital will be the last newsletter we send out this year. We wish you all a wonderful and restful holiday season. See you again in 2022!

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ETNO Position Paper on Open RAN

ETNO - 13 DECEMBEr 2021

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Key EU parliament committee agrees tough position on DSA tech rules

Reuters - 14 December 2021

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France to prioritise digital regulation, tech sovereignty during EU Council presidency

Euractiv - 14 December 2021

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Europe tech investment to reach $100 billion in 2021

EURACTIV - 9 December 2021

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Toward 2022: the state of the tech and telecoms debate


There is at least one thing on which all stakeholders agree about. Technology is not a sectoral debate any longer. Discussing 5G and other gigabit networks means discussing also the broader digital ecosystem.

These issues have dominated the tech and telecoms debate in 2021 and, as the year comes to an end, we share our view on what will remain high on the 2022 agenda. Our predictions are not random, though. They are based on discussions that included 12 CEOs, three European commissioners and several other stakeholders including MEPs and member country representatives at a recent Brussels gathering.

If technology really is no longer a sectoral debate, then tech discussions will increasingly intersect with those on democracy, trust, climate change, economic growth, infrastructures. This means that tech nerds must take a step back and see the broader picture: we, you, are not alone in the debate. Some of the things that make little sense in technology terms might make a lot of sense in societal or political terms. On the other side, non-experts must take a step forward and learn the basics of tech: with digitalization being the very fabric of human interactions, all must step up and understand how technology works .

Read Lise Fuhr's full op-ed in POLITICO below .

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5G revolutionises agricultural machinery

The European agricultural machinery industry is looking forward to 5G. In this video CEMA – the European Agricultural Machinery Association – explains how the additional features of 5G, will allow many environmentally friendly precision farming processes become a reality. It should ensure a better resilience in the network and allow the integration of technologies with different needs.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Members Spotlight
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The report Children’s Experiences with Misinformation Online by Telia Company and World Childhood Foundation finds that 9 in 10 children have faced misinformation online that they believe or know to be false or untrue. Only a third of the children who have shared information online do something to check the veracity of that content on a regular basis before sharing it. 
In social media, 6 out of 10 children have experienced content that has been manipulated to look real. Fact-checking can be difficult. While almost half of the children surveyed feel that they know how to recognize false information online most of the time, many feel uncertain about their capacity in this regard. It is cause for concern that half of the children aged 11-17 claim that they have not learned in school about how to verify information online. This is one of the areas where the report finds the biggest differences between the countries being part of the survey: 3 out of 10 children in Sweden stated that they have not learned the necessary skills in school, and as many as 6 out of 10 children in Lithuania. Of the children learning about fact-checking in school, only 3 out of 5 believe they learned it sufficiently.
As part of Telia’s business strategy, one of the company’s sustainability key impact areas is Digital Inclusion where Telia is committed to provide access to reliable connectivity and increase its users’ digital skills in order to achieve digital equality and inclusion.


Tech Trends for 2022


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3 Major Tech Trends to Watch in 2022


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Facts & Figures

Do you protect personal data on your smartphone?

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Tech & telecoms in 2022: from #5G and other gigabit networks to #cloud, social media, regulation and CO2 emissions, here are the issues those in the know will be talking about in the coming year. Read the @LiseFuhr’s article in @POLITICOEurope:
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And another good news, this time on the #DSA: congrats @EP_SingleMarket & rapporteur @SchaldemoseMEP on a successful vote! Today is a good day for digital democracy
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How do children check if online information is true or false? According to @TeliaCompany ’s latest study, only a third of the children who have shared information online do something to check the truth of that content on a regular basis before sharing it:
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How digitally savvy are you? Some terms are easy-peasy, but others might leave you scratching your head Take the @DigitalSkillsEU online test & find out how you can improve your #digitalskills!FX73C9
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#5G alone can generate an annual increase of €113bn in GDP & create 2.4 million new jobs in Europe by 2025. A widespread uptake of digital solutions can also reduce carbon emissions by up to 15%. Read more #digital insights in the #ETNOBCG report:
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Global 5G connections to jump well over half billion by year-end - Omdia

Telecompaper - 15 December 2021

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Industry calls for scaling up investment in digital skills amid shortage

EURACTIV - 14 December 2021

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US chip material maker Entegris doubles Taiwan investment to $500m

Financial Times - 14 December 2021

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Intel shows research for packing more computing power into chips beyond 2025

Reuters - 11 December 2021

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Orange partners with Mirova to launch €50 million carbon fund

TotalTelecom - 9 December 2021

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17-19 December 2021, Virtual Event


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IT Infrastructure,
13 January 2022, Virtual Event

Annual 5G Wireless Technology Forum

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The European 5g conference,
25 – 26 January 2022, hybrid

The European 5G conference 2022

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European Internet Forum ,
26 January 2022, Hybrid Event

Europe’s Digital Principles – succeeding at home and in the world

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