International Telecommunication Union

The International Telecommunications Unions (ITU) is the major global player in matters regarding telecommunications standardisation, development and radio spectrum. It plays an increasing role in global ICT issues and in particular, in issues relating to telecoms Policy.

As a sector member of the ITU, ETNO closely follows its activities in fields such as standardisation or climate change. The ETNO ITU Working Group participates in the preparatory work leading to ITU world conferences and Sector Assemblies and in the activities of ITU governance bodies, special ad-hoc groups, initiatives and Study Groups, with a view to coordinating and presenting ETNO positions when necessary.

Key activities

  • Analyse ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-14) outcomes
  • Monitor all new issues/initiatives engaged by the ITU, for example on the strengthened role of the ITU in WSIS and regarding Internet governance (the latter in liaison with the ETNO International Affairs and Internet Governance)
  • Analyse the future trends of ITU standardisation and their evolution within the standardisation ecosystem
  • Prepare ETNO inputs to ITU-T SG3 (economic and tariff issues, such as roaming and international interconnection)
  • Follow activities of the Council Working Group on International Internet-related public policy issues
  • Give special attention to the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR), as it is evolving towards greater private sector participation
  • Liaise with the ETNO Spectrum on cross-cutting issues (700 Mhz, white spaces) addressed by the ITU Radio-communications Sector, with special attention to WRC-15
  • Monitor European Commission initiatives linked to the ITU agenda

Working Group Structure

ETNO WGs are the engine of the Association. The bottom-up approach when formulating ETNO position papers ensures that all ETNO member interests are captured. The ITU WG Chair is Dominique Würges:

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