Network and Services Security, Fraud and Cybercrime

The primary aim of the Working Group is to provide a framework for exchange of experience and development of industry best practices in the domain of fraud prevention and control, network and service security for converging networks and protection against cybercrime. It is a platform to exchange views, experiences and know-how amongst members. In order to achieve this aim, the following objectives are identified:

  • To press for a favourable legal environment for effective fraud control as well as for network and service security in Europe.
  • To consider the relationship with other Working Groups related to security and fraud issues.
  • To analyse jurisdictional problems that may arise in prosecuting offenders, especially when crossing national borders.
  • To identify aspects to be studied or developed in order to ensure effective security and protection of integrated telecommunications services against fraud and malicious attacks.
  • To identify actions that might be undertaken in order to improve fraud control as well as network and service security related co-operation among ETNO members.
  • To maintain close contacts among telecommunications security and fraud control personnel in order to enhance the qualifications, standards and investigative techniques of electronic communications security and fraud control professionals.
  • To facilitate collective understanding of attacks and countermeasures in network and service security such as E-commerce, IP-telephony, etc.

Chair: to be confirmed

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