Tech & Politics Forum by FT-ETNO

The power of innovation: Europe's search for tech leadership
7 November 2023 | 09:00 - 16:15 CET | In-person and online | The Square, Brussels


What do Europe's tech and connectivity sectors need to thrive in 2030 and beyond?
Europe is at a critical juncture. Confronted with war, a slowing economy and shifting global partnerships, the Continent is rethinking how it aligns with other Western powers, and pursuing a more self-sufficient regional strategy.

The resulting industrial strategy, coupled with European-led rules on connectivity, AI, cybersecurity, data protection and ESG, could present a defining opportunity for the homegrown tech and telecom industry.

If deployed carefully, new rules could not only form a template for other regions, but encourage innovation, investment and prosperity. To achieve this, policymakers will have to work across competencies, and alongside industry.

How can Europe keep citizens, businesses and supply chains secure, without resorting to protectionism? Who should pay for new and resilient networks? What is the best way to work with, and respond to, US initiatives such as the IRA? What lessons have we learned from the war in Ukraine? Should there be regional or global standards for new technologies?

The Tech & Politics Forum 2023 will gather industry CEOs, policymakers, investors, NGOs, civil society and thinkers to debate topics including digital ecosystems, sovereignty, security and infrastructure amid shifting global geopolitics. 

Updated information on speakers and agenda available at this link. 
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