Naming, Addressing and Numbering

The Naming, Addressing and Numbering (NANI) Working Group (WG) is the leading group on naming, addressing, numbering and identifiers evolution, in particular the evolution related to the European regulation and policy emerging initiatives.

This WG addresses ETNO Member requirements and long term interests in the field of naming, addressing, numbering (and their relationship to routing) and other identifiers, by contributing to the shaping of a European level strategy.

This WG actively participates in new developments and presents ETNO positions regarding naming, addressing, numbering and identifier issues to relevant bodies, such as the European Commission, CoCom, BEREC, CEPT/ECC, ITU-T, ICANN and its Supporting Organisations, and RIPE/RIPE-NCC.

Key activities

  • Harmonisation and interoperability of numbers and identifiers also for innovative use in Next Generation Networks and services, and M2M platforms
  • Naming, addressing and numbering issues (and their relationships to routing) for emergency services, including regulation on accuracy and reliability, and standards on Caller Identification and related Location Information
  • New emerging issues related to the usage of E.164 numbers and E.212 identifiers for innovative services, by new service providers and networks operators
  • Number Portability evolution in Next Generation Networks and services platforms
  • Misuse of international numbering resources, international calling line identification, alternative calling procedures and spoofing
  • Evolution of addressing, naming and related policies with the new ICANN/IANA organisation, new Internet Governance rules, exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, migration from IPv4 to IPv6 addresses, and new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)​

Working Group structure

ETNO WGs are the engine of the Association. The bottom-up approach when formulating ETNO position papers ensures that all ETNO member interests are captured. The NANI WG Chair is Donatella Chiara of Telecom Italia: The NANI WG Vice-Chair is Herve Clement of Orange:


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