Data Protection, Trust and Security

The review of the EU Data Protection legal framework is the main focus of this Working Group (WG), created to represent ETNO Member interests concerning EU regulation and global developments in the field of data, privacy, trust and security.

Key actions

  • ETNO members have reiterated their commitment to Europe’s high standards for privacy and data protection and have asked that any new provisions do not hamper innovation and the development of new products/services (eg. Cloud Computing). ETNO has called on legislators to ensure a global level playing field for all actors processing personal data of EU citizens, regardless of their geographic location. In the context of the review of the
  • EU Data Protection legal framework, GSMA and ETNO produced a set of briefing papers on issues that are important for the telco sector. Each paper identified the issue and impact and put forward some policy considerations.
  • ETNO has for many years been stressing the need for a review of the 2002 ePrivacy Directive, last reviewed in 2009. The first ePrivacy Directive was introduced in 1997: at that time telecoms operators were collecting data that was deemed to be unique to that sector (e.g. traffic and location data) and as such, still today, this Directive only applies to providers of electronic communications networks and services and not to Information Society service providers. However, the situation has since changed and the so-called Over-the-Top players (Information Society service providers) are now collecting vast amounts of personal data for their online services, such as VoIP and messaging, but yet they fall outside the scope of the ePrivacy Directive. Further, in practical terms, telecoms operators face a dual compliance regime (the ePrivacy Directive and also the Data Protection Directive).
    ETNO has called for legislators to repeal the ePrivacy Directive through the new Data Protection Regulation, which is currently under discussion at Council and will apply to all players offering services to EU citizens. This would ensure that consumers can benefit from transparent and consistent rights and user experiences for functionally equivalent services.
  • The WG monitors debates around the Safe Harbour programme.
  • ​In collaboration with ETNO’s Taskforce on Competition Policy, the WG monitors the cross-cutting debate around Data Protection and Competition.
  • The WG also monitors the European Commission’s work on Data Retention, including possible Commission guidance or any new legislative measure.
  • The WG also monitors the implementation of the European Cloud Strategy (focus on Privacy Code of Conduct).
  • Finally, the WG participates in the legislative process for the Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS) and monitor implementation of the European Cybersecurity Strategy (eg: NIS Platform)

Working Group Structure

ETNO WGs are the engine of the Association. The bottom-up approach when formulating ETNO position papers ensures that all ETNO member interests are captured.

The Data, Privacy, Trust & Security (DPTS) WG Chair is Cristina Vela Marimon of Telefonica: Vice-Chairs: Sara Bussiere, Orange; Jakob Greiner, DT


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