12 November, 2018

ETNO signs the ‘’Paris call for trust and security in Cyberspace’’ and joins Women4Cyber initiative

Paris 12 November 2018 – ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, joined the early supporters of the French Government’s ‘’Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace”, launched today by President Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the Paris Digital Week. In this context, ETNO’s Director General Lise Fuhr has also joined the Women4Cyber initiative.

ETNO shares the proposed multistakeholder approach in ensuring that all parts of the digital value chain take responsibility and engage to prevent cyber-attacks in the connected ecosystem.

Trust will be more and more crucial, especially at a time in which the data economy, Artificial Intelligence and 5G promise to open up new socio-economic opportunities for citizens and businesses. In this context, EU leaders have a fundamental role to play in order to deliver trusted, secure and value-based services to European citizens.

For this reason, we are also stepping up its role in supporting a gender-equal approach to technology. ETNO’s Director General Lise Fuhr will be among the founding members of Women4Cyber – an initiative created by the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO). The aim is to promote the role and participation of women in cyber security, with a particular focus on skill shortage as a major risk to long-term information security capability. The initiative, which will start its work in early 2019 – takes place under the patronage of European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

Lise Fuhr, Director General of ETNO, said: “There is no technological progress without trust. The Paris Call is an important milestone in ensuring that all the public and private actors do their part in securing the cyberspace”.

PDF available here.

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