Social Dialogue and Community Working Group

The Employment, Health and Safety (EHS) WG focuses on EU social and employment legislation, predominantly with an employer's perspective. It primary task is to represent ETNO on the EU's Social Dialogue Committee for the Telecommunications Sector.


Work Organisation

The impact of technological changes on work organisation, focussing on new forms of work organisation such as Telework, and the social implications of new forms of selling and distribution such as call centres or e-commerce.

Policy and regulation

The Working Group will consider the impact of (adopted and draft) policy issues, exclusively from an employment perspective.

Training and Skills

Skill shortages and obstacles to employment in the sector, links between training institutions and the industry, developing the potential of employees to adapt to new technologies, particularly for new products and services.

Equal Opportunities

Diversity in the workplace, initiatives to counter discrimination. In 2014, UNI Europa and ETNO produced a joint statement on gender equality and the promotion of women in ICT.

The EHS WG Chair is Gregory Gillet, BT.


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