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    GSMA ETNO Statement on the Data Act final text

    The GSMA and ETNO congratulate EU policymakers on reaching agreement on the Data Act, a landmark file for the EU’s data economy. The GSMA and ETNO’s members are supportive of provisions in the file around B2B data access, cloud switching and interoperability, which we believe will have the effect of facilitating data sharing and reuse across the single market.

    8 November, 2023 Read more
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    GSMA and ETNO welcome announcements on a new “Digital Networks Act”, call for urgent action

    The GSMA and ETNO welcome Commissioner Breton’s call for a “whatever it takes” moment for the future of telecom policy, in light of its critical role for EU competitiveness in the global tech race.

    11 October, 2023 Read more
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    Future connectivity: new study finds radical change is coming and highlights investment challenge

    Brussels, 9 October 2023 – Europe has set bold policy objectives to achieve full 5G and fibre coverage by 2030. At the heart of a digitally transformed Europe lies the expansion and evolution connectivity networks. As the European Commission is in the midst of an analysis on the future of the telecom industry and of its infrastructures, a study by Deloitte requested by ETNO (later referred to as The study) highlights the key technology trends and investment requirements that will drive digital transformation. You can read its executive summary through this link.

    9 October, 2023 Read more
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    ETNO holds General Assembly, approves strategic orientation and governance for 2024

    Vienna (Austria), 5 October 2023 – ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading providers of digital networks and services, met today in Vienna for its annual General Assembly. Members and observers approved ETNO’s annual strategy for 2024 as well as a series of governance decisions. As per ETNO statutes, the event was hosted on a rotating basis by leading Austrian telecom operator A1 Telekom Austria. The meeting was opened by Florian Tursky, Austria’s State Secretary in charge of digitalization.

    5 October, 2023 Read more
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    A call for Fair Share legislation - Europe must act to protect its digital future

    The future of connectivity – powered by secure ultra-fast, low latency 5G mobile and fibre networks – will underpin the next wave of digital transformation in Europe. Supported by these networks, Europe is already seeing new applications emerge in AI, virtual reality and IoT. More will come in the realms of smart cities, industry 4.0, the metaverse and future innovations of which we cannot yet conceive.

    2 October, 2023 Read more
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    Joint Telecom Industry Statement on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act

    Our Associations ECTA, ETNO, GIGAEurope and GSMA Europe represent the European telecommunications industry. Our industry plays a crucial part in connecting European citizens and businesses and facilitating the EU green and digital transition.

    27 September, 2023 Read more
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    Gigabit Infrastructure Act: For better and faster connectivity deployment across Europe

    By Maarit Palovirta, Senior Director Regulatory Affairs and Xhoana Shehu, Policy Manager, ETNO.

    6 September, 2023 Read more
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    ETNO and KTOA joint statement on EU-Korea markets

    ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, and KTOA, the Association representing telecom operators in the Republic of Korea, have published today a Joint Statement on the internet ecosystem. With this statement, we intend to set the record straight on the similarities and differences between the EU and the South Korean markets as well as our views on “fair contribution” and “Sending-Party-Network-Pays” respectively.

    In the document, we also gather facts and figures on how the two blocks are performing on connectivity, network investment, streaming, social media usage and other key indicators on digital markets.

    30 August, 2023 Read more
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    Spectrum, inclusion and sustainability: why WRC-23 matters

    By Xhoana SHEHU, Policy Manager, ETNO

    One of the most important international conferences for mobile connectivity is happening again this autumn: the World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23). On this occasion, Dubai will host representatives from member states and industry to discuss Radio Regulations, in other words, the international governance of the use of radio spectrum.

    20 July, 2023 Read more
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