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    Building a digitally-enabled recovery

    Executive Summary

    This paper offers unique insights on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on Europe’s top tech business: the telecom sector[1]. As we collectively work to re-design Europe’s vision and strategic plans for the coming years, ETNO puts forward facts, figures, analysis and ideas on how to reboot the EU socio-economic engine by leveraging telecom networks and digital services.

    28 May, 2020 Read more
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    UNI Europa ICTS and ETNO Begin a 2-Year Social Dialogue Project on Digital Upskilling for All

    Brussels, 26 May 2020 – The European social partners for the telecommunications sector – UNI Europa ICTS, the European trade union federation for service workers, and ETNO, the European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association – have concluded the call for tender and kicked-off the “Digital Upskilling for All!” project (DUFA!).

    26 May, 2020 Read more
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    Joint Statement of the UNI Europa ICTS and the Telecom Industry Representatives

    Attacks against telecom employees must stop now

    Brussels, 19 May 2020 – The European trade union federation representing telecom workers, UNI Europa ICTS, and the Associations representing the telecoms industry, ETNO and the GSMA, have joined forces to call for swift Institutional action to stop attacks against telecom employees and to promote correct information on mobile technology while also taking steps to minimise the spread of misinformation that encourages attacks against either the workers or the infrastructure.

    19 May, 2020 Read more
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    Going the Extra Mile to Strengthen Europe’s Digital Foundations

    By Maarit Palovirta, Director of Regulatory Affairs

    Recent weeks have shown how crucial ubiquitous and well-functioning digital communications networks are to ensure public services, business operations and social interactions in a time of crisis. While the current situation has had a profound impact on our lives, many professionals continue to work remotely; pupils attend classes virtually; and necessary goods and services remain accessible online.

    15 April, 2020 Read more
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    Statement of the Social Partners in the European Telecom Sector on the COVID-19 Emergency

    9 April 2020

    The European social partners for the telecommunications sector – UNI Europa ICTS and ETNO, the European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association – are fully committed to sustaining and supporting the European society and economy during this global pandemic.

    9 April, 2020 Read more
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    FAQs on COVID-19, telecoms and network data

    By Alessandro Gropelli and Paolo Grassia

    Brussels, 30 March 2020 – Europe is in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis. Epidemiologists, virologists and policymakers in the healthcare sector have called for the help of industry and civil society to slow the spread, fight the disease and save lives. The European telecoms sector, like many others, has given a strong and swift response. Here some Frequently Asked Questions on what telecom companies are doing and what it means for citizens.

    30 March, 2020 Read more
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    EU telcos support new Industrial Strategy, call for Member States to step up budgetary ambition

    Brussels, 10 March 2020 – ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, welcomes the European Commission’s “Industrial Strategy” presented today. The Strategy recognises that a change of gear is needed in order to achieve global leadership through widespread digitisation of our rich and diverse industrial base. 5G, fibre networks and data-based services are firmly recognised as a major enabler of Europe’s industrial value-chains, including those of strategic importance.

    10 March, 2020 Read more
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    Europe’s unapologetic data ambition: a note from EU telcos

    By Paolo Grassia, ETNO Director of Public Policy

    Digital transformation has led to data becoming a key asset, but also a production factor in its own right. Consumers enjoy a wealth of new data-based services and Europe’s industrial base is trying to catch the wave and increase its global competitiveness. The European Commission has recognised this trend and, this week, it presented an ambitious “Communication on a European Data Strategy”, which was welcomed by ETNO. Telecom companies will have a major role in delivering on Europe’s data ambitions, but also in promoting a trust-based model for the data economy. Here are our views.

    20 February, 2020 Read more
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    EU telcos welcome the European Commission approach to digital leadership, stress the role of 5G and fibre networks

    Brussels, 19 February 2020 – ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading telecom companies, welcomes the fresh approach to digital leadership enshrined in the “Shaping Europe’s digital future” Strategy, in the “Communication on a European Data Strategy” and in the “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence”, which were unveiled today by the European Commission.

    19 February, 2020 Read more
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