Radio spectrum management is inherently strategic. Decisions taken will affect telecommunication operators’ access to radio spectrum for several years from now, which has major implications for investment planning.

Competing needs between telecommunication operators and other players such as the military, governmental and other networks may create new allocation priorities. It is more and more evident that mobile broadband networks need new capacity. Last generation devices (smartphones, tablets, dongles, consoles) and new applications available on the market are congesting the existing networks. Making additional radio spectrum available is essential to address rapidly increasing mobile traffic and also to provide broadband to rural and remote areas. The Spectrum Working Group (WG) priorities are listed below.

Key actions

  • Contributing to the implementation of decisions taken at European level (EC, CEPT, ECC) with a particular focus on the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme
  • The World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC-15) is a very important periodic milestone for global spectrum management and the possibility of a common European spectrum policy aimed at improving the quality of European citizens’ life. This WG will pay particular attention to the 700 MHz band for Europe and to the identification of new bands for IMT in 2015 (e.g. sub-700 MHz, L band, C band and other candidate bands)
  • Advocating for a progressive and balanced regulatory reform aimed at introducing more flexibility in spectrum management while maintaining investment incentives, guaranteeing regulatory certainty and protecting users against any harmful interference
  • Contributing to the public debate and decisions related to future 5G networks and to the related implications for spectrum

Working Group structure

ETNO WGs are the engine of the Association. The bottom-up approach when formulating ETNO position papers ensures that all ETNO member interests are captured. The Spectrum WG Chair is Anna Matsouka of OTE: amatsouka@ote.gr. The Vice-Chair of this WG is Päivi Ruuska, Telia Company. 


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