26 April, 2018

ETNO - GSMA Position Paper on The Proposed European ePrivacy Regulation

Use cases for enabling privacy-protective innovative products and services, April 2018

The GSMA and ETNO are committed to reinforcing the role of telecom operators as the “backbone of the Digital Single Market,” as noted by European Commission Vice-President Ansip. Connectivity is the lifeblood of innovation and economic growth.1 As telecom operators endeavour to build the networks critical to Europe’s digital future, we must consider the broader regulatory environment in the EU. We envision an enabling regulatory environment that supports individuals’ fundamental rights, while permitting technological developments and spurring investment.

To manifest this reality, we urge policymakers to consider the impact of the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) on both existing and future products and services that are critical to Europe’s digital growth, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G.

This document highlights use cases impacted by the currently proposed ePR, and (on page 11) outlines how the proposed legislation could be amended to better align with the GDPR and enable such use cases.

Document available here

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