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Portugal Telecom (PT) actively promotes knowledge through its ongoing educational/awareness-raising initiatives, such as the “Comunicar em Segurança” programme, online educational material and campaigns

Comunicar em Segurança

Comunicar em Segurança (“Communicating Safely”), managed by Fundação PT, is PT’s corporate volunteer programme, intended to alert the educational community on the safe and proper use of ICT technologies. The programme was launched during the 2008-2009 school year.

By taking place in a classroom environment (reaching pupils and teachers from the 1st cycle to the secondary), the programme allows the PT Foundation to reach the young population, while ensuring goodwill among teachers and parents.

PT has a partnership with Guarda Nacional Republicana (“GNR”), which ensures a vast territorial coverage. National guards, well trained by PT in ICT opportunities and risks, give lectures in some of the schools that participate in the Comunicar em Segurança programme.

Objectives of the Comunicar em Segurança programme:

  • To promote the safe use of internet and mobile phones;
  • To share knowledge with the community;
  • To streamline corporate volunteering in the perspective of assigning competences
  • To strengthen the partnership with Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) Safe School Project.

Programme Initiatives

One of the main initiatives of the programme are the Comunicar em Segurança Sessions – After internal training, PT volunteers give lectures to raise awareness on security issues on the Internet and mobile phones to students from the 1st cycle to the secondary.

In 2014, the programme was extended to PT employees with awareness and debate sessions (mainly targeting “parents”) in Lisbon and Porto.

Other related initiatives include:

  • Past Time on Comunicar em Segurança - Challenge for students and teachers to perform tasks related to online security. Awards to teachers, students and schools.
  • Theatre role-play “Não faças aos outros” (Don’t do to others [what you wouldn't want others to do to you]) – a play about cyberbullying starring well known Portuguese actors. This play has been complemented with lectures promoted by GNR. In order to target larger audiences, it was decided to extend the exhibition of the play – initially performed only in schools – to municipal amphitheatres in the 18 capitals of District (bigger capacity + greater geographical coverage). A video version is available on SAPO Videos.
  • Given the success of the role-play with the students and teachers, a new play was created in the 2013/2014 school year – “What are you doing?” - focusing on the safe use of new technologies.
  • Minuto Seguro (“Safe Minute”) – a set of around fifty 1-minute episodes providing "tips" on security for educators and youngsters, with a focus on safety tips for social networking sites (ex: sharing information and photos, password construction, etc). Available on SAPO Videos.

Online educational material

Online educational material is widely available on the PT Group websites and includes useful information, tips and advice on safety, good practices, reporting contacts and external links.

Such information is available on PT’s corporate website, on the Fundação PT/ Comunicar em Segurança website (including its downloadable Safety Guide for Parents and Carers) and in relevant areas of the business (Brands) websites: SAPO andMEO.

MEO Kids makes available a set of practical tips and advice on the good and safe use of internet and mobile phones and offers a set of products and services that allow a safer mobile and TV experience (for more information please refer to the “Safer Services” section).

PT has developed a central website on safety: “Segurança SAPO” displaying information on good practices for internet use and on the services offered by the SAPO portal. The website includes SAPO services’ terms of use, applicable legislation, tips and advice, awareness-raising multimedia material, contacts and internal and external links for reporting (namely to Linha Alerta/ Internet Segura, Portugal’s hotline member of INHOPE).

SAPO supports different internal and external initiatives such as “Tu e a Internet” (“You and the Internet”), a project with Universidade do Porto.

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