Safer Services - OTE

Conn-x TV, OTE’s pay TV service, has assumed the responsibility to protect the adolescent members of the Greek households, from adult content, projecting OTE’s actions of corporate responsibility. Service allows Conn-x TV subscribers to lock specific programs based on the program parental rating level and prevent juvenile family members from accessing content which is not approved by their parents. OTE, via its’ product “Online Security”, offers a complete on-line protection against viruses, hackers & spam,
The product provides full protection to the email and your computer with:

  • Anti-Virus: Protection against viruses, worms, Trojans & spyware
  • Firewall: "Build" a defence wall for your computer
  • Anti-Spam: No more spam mails!
  • Parental Control: Control and limitation of access to websites (White & Black list functions)
  • The function of Parental Control is enriched, allowing parents to control, filter and block access to websites with undesirable content such as violence, adult material, weapons, drugs, etc. setting the level of protection as the age of your children (children, adolescents and / or both).
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