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Portugal Telecom (PT) constantly increases its efforts to make services better and safer for the younger generations. As well as the implementation of safety measures, parental controls and reporting tools, PT has developed specially designed products and services for young people – the so-called “KIDS” services.

SAPO (PT’s search engine, web portal services, including SAPO Videos and SAPO Fotos – UGC services) has a team controlling and classifying videos and photo content in order to ensure the quality and classification of all content entering the SAPO video and SAPO Photos channels. The access to adult (erotic) or “sensitive” content in SAPO is preceded by a warning page requesting the user’s agreement. Relevant SAPO services have reporting buttons and options available on different platforms (fixed and mobile).

SAPO KIDS is a dedicated portal which offers quality kids-oriented content, ensuring a high level of editorial control. It includes a specific email service – SAPO Mail Kids, a safe and funny service for children over 6 year’s old. Kids’ accounts are linked to an adult’s e-mail address and password and the adult sets the rules for receiving and sending e-mails, including the creation of a list of authorised contacts.

MEO is PT’s “converged” brand for broadband access, IP TV and mobile communications.

MEO broadband customers have the possibility to subscribe to the BitDefender service under special conditions. This service effectively blocks viruses, hackers and spam and allows parental control and firewall protection.

MEO IPTV parental control ensures total safety since the user may define 3 different PINS to block access to: Content visualisation (TV programmes and VoD), Channel subscriptions and/ or movie rentals and the visualisation of Adult channels and adult movies (VoD) .

MEO KIDS is an internet portal (and an area on the TV menu), specially designed for children, which facilitates the access to exclusive and quality content for the juvenile public. MEO KIDS also offers specially designed mobile services for kids, which implies a set of safety oriented rules and cost controlling features:

  • Authorised contacts – Children are only allowed to receive and make calls to 15 numbers, defined by parents; Value-added services are barred;
  • Top ups – parents may top up their children’s mobiles directly through their mobile device and consult their mobile “balance” remotely;
  • Localizz – allows parents to geographically locate their children’s device.
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