12 January, 2015

ETNO comments on the Draft RSPG Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15

Download the full Reflection Document here.

Executive Summary

ETNO welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft RSPG opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15 and to provide its point of view on some of
the topics proposed.

In particular ETNO is of the opinion that:

  • a co-primary mobile allocation for the band 470–694 MHz is an essential prerequisite to provide flexibility to administrations for the future introduction of converged services in Europe;
  • in addition to the 1427-1518 MHz band, the band 1350-1400 MHz should be allocated to the Mobile Service in all three regions and identified for IMT uplink;
  • the 2700-2900 MHz band is not used efficiently and is therefore a good candidate for IMT applications as it is very close to the already existing 2,6 GHz band (2500-2690 MHz);
  • as for the C band, ETNO believes that it should be allocated to the Mobile Service on a primary basis and identified for IMT;
  • in the UHF band, no further regulatory provisions related to the coexistence with broadcasting have to be adopted in the Radio Regulations;
  • the harmonized MFCN frequency arrangement in the band 694-790 MHz should include the option for unpaired frequency arrangement (SDL) channeling in the duplex gap of the paired 700MHz channeling plan.

Finally ETNO supports the proposal of a future Agenda Item addressing the spectrum needs for the next generation of mobile services, not limiting the focus to frequency ranges above 6 GHz.


Download the full Reflection Document here.

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