01 February, 2019

ETNO Response to the Stakeholders' Consultation on Draft AI Ethics Guidelines

ETNO responded today to the stakeholder consultation on the draft AI Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, prepared by the European Commission’s AI High-Level Expert Group.


ETNO supports the guidelines’ vision to create a culture of “Trustworthy AI made in Europe” that is human-centric and strengthens user trust in AI systems. The establishment of a European approach to AI around ethics has the potential to become a competitive advantage for “Made in Europe” AI solutions.

We agree with the draft Guidelines’ acknowledgement that robust EU rules applicable to AI are already in place and we invite the HLEG to ensure that the final document is fully in line with the current regulatory framework.

We also invite the HLEG to embed strong proportionality and risk-based principles in the guidelines, as well as to elaborate on the concrete adoption mechanism and its implication for endorsing organisations.

ETNO and its Artificial Intelligence Taskforce look forward to the final Ethics Guidelines and to contributing to the upcoming HLEG’s Policy and Investment Recommendations.

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