02 May, 2022

Europe’s internet ecosystem: socio-economic benefits of a fairer balance between tech giants and telecom operators

Over the last decade, Internet use has become essential in the daily life of millions of Europeans, with data traffic consumption growing at double digits annually. This evolution has been supported by a massive transformation of fixed and mobile telecom networks, from the prevalent copper and 3G-based solutions of the early 2010s, to much more advanced Very High-Capacity Networks (‘VHCN’), including FTTH and 5G, consumers can now benefit from.

This network transformation has not, however, come without a substantial effort and cost: according to a new report, network operators have invested over €500 billion during the last ten years in the development of their fixed and mobile telecoms networks in Europe. But is everybody contributing their fair share?

Read the latest Axon Partners Group report for ETNO for insights on:

  • European telecom markets and imbalances in Internet traffic markets
  • Lack of a level regulatory playing field
  • Consequences of the imbalance
  • Gaps in network costs and socio-economic aspects
  • Impacts on GDP, jobs, environment and innovation
  • Potential policy and regulatory measures
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