21 September, 2021

5G Guide for Local Communities

Today connectivity is essential to accomplish many of our daily activities. Telecommunications  infrastructure is the backbone for digitalisation and will power an economic recovery that is smarter, greener and more inclusive. As our local and national economies recover, digital connectivity will be a central pillar to accelerate e-learning, e-health, cleaner cities, manufacturing and transport, and economic resilience.

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This guide provides an overview of 5G mobile technology, including fact-based answers to frequent questions posed by decision-makers and the public alike. It also provides a variety of innovative examples across Europe that show how 5G is already helping solve some of the most pressing challenges for citizens and businesses.

Technological innovation, in turn, has raised questions about rapid 5G deployment for national politicians, regional authorities, local governments, and of course citizens and businesses. Many are keen to understand both the benefits of the latest generation of mobile technology and the safety measures that protect our health and environment. 

Public health concerns about mobile technologies have circulated since the introduction of 2G networks 30 years ago, but they have never been supported by accredited public agencies or by scientific consensus.

Meanwhile, the spread of disinformation and misinformation, particularly through social media platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, raised alarm and in some cases resulted in criminal damage to the very networks  sustaining society and businesses.

This guide also addresses how existing international safety guidelines protect the public, with limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) substantially below the level of any established health risk. In addition, it dispels some of the more common myths circulating in print, online and social media.

Trust is key to dispelling 5G misinformation, and this guide references independent scientific studies, international public health organisations, as well as government and public authorities.

5G will accelerate digital transformation across countries and industries so they can achieve their climate goals and build more resilient economies and supply chains[1].

In this guide, decision-makers and citizens can learn how 5G can close the digital divide while posing no known health risks.

[1] https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/policies/5g-qa

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