ETNODigital: Biden's New Dawn, Lise Fuhr at the Web Summit 2020, delivering on vaccines & more!
21 January 2021 - Edition no.225
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EU calls on Biden to form ‘new transatlantic pact’

Euractiv - 20 January 2021

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‘EU hails Biden's 'new dawn' but wants tough tech rules

Reuters - 20 January 2021

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Portuguese Presidency wants EU to deliver on vaccines, recovery and transition

European Parliament - 20 January 2021

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Commission and ECB join forces on digital euro as privacy concerns emerge

Euractiv - 20 january 2021

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EU Parliament moves ahead with Big Tech hearing plan

Politico - 19 January 2021

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Brussels postponed green finance rules after 10 EU states wielded veto

Euractiv - 18 January 2021

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Brussels eclipsed as EU countries roll out their own tech rules

Politico - 18 January 2021

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U.S. Senate Republican asks tech firms to explain account, content removals

reuters - 15 January 2021

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Focus on

New US president: how EU-US relations could improve

On 20 January, the day of Biden's inauguration, MEPs debated the political situation in the US. They also welcomed the new president as an opportunity for Europe to strengthen EU-US ties and tackle common challenges and threats to the democratic system.

Europe and America have traditionally always been allies, but under Donald Trump the US has been acting more unilaterally, withdrawing from treaties and international organisations.

With Joe Biden taking over the reins from 20 January, the EU sees it as an opportunity to relaunch cooperation.

On 2 December 2020, the European Commission put forward a proposal for a new transatlantic agenda allowing the partners to work together on a variety of issues. The Council also reaffirmed the importance of the partnership in its conclusions on 7 December. Parliament is also looking forward to closer cooperation. On 7 November, Parliament President David Sassoli tweeted: “The world needs a strong relationship between Europe and the US - especially in these difficult times. We look forward to working together to fight Covid-19, climate change, and address rising inequality.”

Both the US and the EU have much to gain from closer ties, but many challenges and differences remain. Find out what the EU is offering to work together on with the US at the link below. 


From lip service to leadership: Lise Fuhr’s intervention at the Web Summit 2020

At the Web Summit 2020, ETNO Director-General Lise Fuhr explains the steps that ETNO and its members are taking to reduce the carbon footprint in the telecoms sector, while enabling other sectors to also reduce their carbon footprints.
Lise points to the following top 3 ingredients for accelerating the work and becoming more sustainable:

  • Engage shareholders & investors 
  • The right policy & regulatory environment 
  • Leadership

Check out the video to learn more.


5G Outlook Series: Enabling Inclusive Long-term Opportunities


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What if blockchain could guarantee ethical AI?


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Facts & Figures

How much do households spend on communications?  

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Investment towards environmentally #sustainable projects and activities will be crucial to meet the EU’s climate & energy targets for 2030 & #EUGreenDeal. A clear definition of what is “environmentally sustainable” is required to scale up #GreenInvestment:
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With the #DSA and #DMA, Europe is the 1st continent to start a major reform of our digital space. As allies of the free world, The European Union and United States should work closely together for a globally coherent approach. Interview on @CNN:
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The year of 2021 will have the #EURecovery and #EUGreenDeal at the centre of many policy discussions. With #digital being one important ingredient of both, we look forward to continuing the work with our members!
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With the agreement reached last December we will dedicate €7.5 Billion on the first ambitious programme that aims to accelerate the recovery & drive the #digital transformation of #Europe. This is the #DigitalEurope Programme Learn more
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#AI #5G Data What do they all have in common? High precision healthcare, high-speed connectivity and safe & secure data sharing improve medical diagnoses & treatments. #NextGenerationEU will make that happen:
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#BigTech & #regulation. Another good @vestager interview by @JavierespFT Key messages: High voltage signEC "encouraged" by Member States taking action High voltage sign She says pan-EU set of rules also in big tech's interest (vs. patchy national scenario) High voltage sign EC wants to move quickly
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Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 870 reheats the Snapdragon 865 for 2021 phones

The Verge - 19 January 2021

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Cruise, GM partner with Microsoft to ramp up self-driving vehicles

Reuters - 19 January 2021

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U.S. lawmakers aim to curtail face recognition even as the technology IDs Capitol attackers

Reuters - 18 January 2021

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WhatsApp to delay launch of update business features after privacy backlash

Reuters - 15 January 2021

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Forum Europe,
21 January 2021, Virtual Event

Developing a Global Ecosystem of Trust

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Forum Europe,
26 January 2021, Virtual Event

Europe’s Open Strategic Autonomy – Building a consensus?

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European Internet Forum,
26 January 2021, Virtual Event

The European Alliance for Industrial data and cloud

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European Internet Forum,
27 January 2021, Virtual Event

The Digital Markets Act – the role of gatekeepers

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The Economist,
27 January 2021, Virtual Event

Life on the edge: The future of cloud computing

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27-29 January 2021, Virtual event

Enforcing rights in 2021: A Changing World

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