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11 March 2021 - Edition no.232
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Remote work needs to be regulated ‘quickly’, EU presidency says

Euractiv - 10 March 2021

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Europe's Digital Decade: Commission sets the course towards a digitally empowered Europe by 2030

European Commission - 9 march 2021

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Speech by Executive Vice-President Vestager at the press conference on Europe's Digital Decade: 2030 Digital Targets

European Commission - 9 March 2021

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Parliament adopts InvestEU programme for strategic and innovative investments

European Parliament - 9 March 2021

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Europe’s Gaia-X looks to challenge Big Tech’s cloud dominance

Financial Times - 8 March 2021

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BELLA programme completes cable construction connecting Europe and Latin America

European Commission - 8 March 2021

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Europe seeks semiconductor boost, first quantum computer

REUTERS - 8 March 2021

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ETNO Director General Lise Fuhr celebrates International Women's Day by challenging the lack of women in tech and the online abuse towards those connected:

“First, let us look at the gender gap in education and employment: things are improving. Surprised? Here comes the striking fact: at the current pace, it will take 257 years to close it. Our daughters and granddaughters and their future generations will face similar challenges throughout their lives. Why do we have to wait for year 2278 to close the gender gap?

Second, I want to bring some facts from the online world. Are women treated equally in digital spaces? Studies shed light on this and the quick answer is: no. Younger European women are more likely to be harassed online: one in five women aged between 18-24 years have been subject to such harassment. Moreover, women with strong opinions and high visibility are targeted even more intensively.

This is the status quo. #IChooseToChallenge it and invite you to join me in doing so."


We must make this Europe’s digital decade

In her State of the Union address on 16 September 2020, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen presented her vision for a Europe that emerges stronger from the pandemic and leads the way towards a new vitality. In her speech, she advocated for a common plan for digital Europe with clearly defined goals for 2030.

The Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect) develops and implements policies to make Europe fit for the digital age. We invest in research, innovation, deployment and uptake of trustworthy and green digital technologies that improve our economy and people’s lives.Through funding, legislation and policy initiatives, we help ensure European leadership and independence in critical digital technologies(such as Artificial Intelligence, Common Data Spaces, high-performance computing, 5G, micro-electronics, blockchain and quantum).We work towards making Europe a global leader in the data economy and in cybersecurity.



Digitranscope: The governance of digitally-transformed society


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The impact of artificial intelligence on labour productivity


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Where Digital Media is Making Strides  

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We want a successful #DigitalDecade for all of us. Targets proposed to get there together. Basic digital skills for everyone, more digital experts, better connectivity, access to all public services online & twice as many unicorns: Our 2030 #DigitalEU 
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We want a successful #DigitalDecade for all of us. Targets proposed to get there together. Basic digital skills for everyone, more digital experts, better connectivity, access to all public services online & twice as many unicorns: Our 2030 #DigitalEU 
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At @ETNOAssociation , we do our best to empower the talented women in our Team & from member companies. And we have plenty of powerful leaders who shape up the policy, regulatory or more technical work beyond the digital networks that keep us all connected:
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Today we present Europe’s #DigitalDecade A vision for the #EU, its people & businesses to become more digital by 2030 Read the press release: & the Q&A: #DigitalEU #FutureofEurope
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[Call for tender] We are looking for a researcher/group of researchers to work in the area of third-party violence & harassment at work: Protection for victims Legislation Human resources Dealing with vulnerable citizens Apply by 2 April:
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The EU telco industry welcomes today’s announcement on the #DigitalCompass ( presented by @EU_Commission . Stimulating the use of new #digital networks and services requires ambitious demand-side policies. Read our DG @LiseFuhr ’s full quote below:
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Millions of websites offline after fire at French cloud services firm

Euractiv - 11 March 2021

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It’s Open Season for Microsoft Exchange Server Hacks

WIRED - 10 march 2021

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Apple to Build European Semiconductor Design Center in Munich

Bloomberg - 10 march 2021

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Germany's Bosch to open automotive chip factory in June

reuters - 8 March 2021

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Remote learning shows the power of the cloud to transform education

Financial Times - 8 March 2021

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Waymo simulated real-world crashes to prove its self-driving cars can prevent deaths

The Verge - 8 March 2021

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15 March 2021, Virtual Event

Global partnerships for digitial transformation: Boosting economic growth through digital payments

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PubAffairs Bruxelles,
16 March 2021, Virtual event

5G for Businesses: Evolution or Revolution?

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SAS & Forbes,
16 March 2021, Virtual Event

Artificial intelligence and the ethics mandate

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Centre on Regulation in Europe,
18 March 2021, Virtual Event

Liability rules for the age of Artificial Intelligence

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Portuguese Presidency,
19 March 2021, Virtual Event

Digital Day 2021

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European Parliament,
23 March 2021, Brussels

AIDA Hearing on AI and Competitivenes

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Cullen international,
29 March - 2 April 2021, Virtual Event

EU proposals to regulate online platforms: DMA & DSA

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